A Parents Sports Creed

A Parent’s Sports Creed

I believe in my child.

I believe in the hopes and dreams my child has.

I believe I am responsible to be there to help whenever I am needed, and I will try very hard to live up to that responsibility.

I believe in letting my child be a child.

I believe I am not my child and I am at a different place in life.

I believe my child will only be a child for a short time, and the experiences of childhood will be affected by my actions.

I believe my child needs me to listen, and to try not to influence what they want.

I believe in my child and all that my child can be.

I believe in sports.

I believe in what sports has given and taught me.

I believe being in sports has made me better prepared for life.

I believe sports has made me healthier.

I believe sports has shown me how to compete, and how to win and lose.

I believe that sports has helped me be a better parent, because I have learned the responsibilities of teamwork.

I believe sports has given me the energy to be a good parent.

I believe sports are good for a child.

I believe sports has much to offer my child.

I believe my child can only learn so much about sports from me, and that I will have to let others teach my child more.

I believe I want the best for my child in sports, and that there is more to sports than winning or losing.

I believe it is my child’s turn to play sports, and I will try very hard to let my child just play.

I believe my child plays sports because it is fun.

I believe I can help keep the fun in sports.

I believe in my child, and all children.

I believe that other parents believe in their children, and all children.