About Us

Connaught Park was founded in 1945 and we celebrated our 70th Anniversary on Saturday
June 25th, 2015.

Connaught Park is one of the
original members of the “Oshawa Central Council of Neighbourhood
Associations”(O.C.C.N.A.) which continues to thrive today with sub-committies handling each individual sport – Soccer, Softball and Hockey. The O.C.C.N.A. has 20 Neighbourhood Associations as current members.

The existing clubhouse, which was opened in 1967, was built by members of the Connaught Community. Col. Sam McLaughlin contributed $6,000.00 towards the building costs, and the remaining funds were raised by Connaught Park members and neighbours. Without the sweat and diligence of each, our Clubhouse would not be what it is today.